IPhone SE camera, replaceable with iPhone 8 parts

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While Apple’s new Zeform iPhone SE was evaluated as having a high cost-effectiveness, the product disassembly revealed that parts of the iPhone 8 could be used for repairs such as repair.

IPixit, a site specialized in disassembling IT devices, has released the results of Apple’s iPhone SE disassembly, foreign media such as CNET reported on the 27th (local time).

According to reports, Eyepieceit said that the A13 chip surpasses all existing Android phones and the camera performance is impressive for the iPhone SE.

In particular, the product disassembly also concluded that the iPhone 8 camera is compatible with the iPhone SE. If you look at the actual disassembled picture, you can see that the size of the iPhone SE camera and the iPhone 8 camera are similar.

But disassembling the iPhone SE takes a lot of effort, and the back glass is fragile, so replacing it is unrealistic, iPitit said.

The iPhone SE, which sells for $ 399 (about 500,000 won), has a camera attached because it is cheap, and Face ID, night mode, slope, and deep fusion functions are largely missing.

“Our experiment shows that the iPhone 8 camera works well with the SE,” said ifixit, with a recoverable score of 6 out of 10.

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