Corona 19 is the first treatment? “Lemdesivir positive results”

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It was confirmed that Ebola treatment ‘Remdesivir’, which was expected as a treatment for Corona 19, showed positive results in the initial research.

Remdesivir is more likely to be the first cure for Corona19.

In Washington, Seok Yoon is a correspondent.


“The Ebola remedy ‘Remdesivir’ has been effective in treating Corona 19,” said Anthony Pouch, director of the Epidemiology Institute at the White House Corona 19 Response Team in the United States.

The pouch director said in a White House on the 29th, “As a result of clinical trials, Remdesivir clearly had a positive effect on reducing the recovery time of Corona19 patients.”

<Anthony Pouch / Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases> “I think this will open the door to the fact that we now have the ability to handle Corona 19.”

Patients who took Remedyvir recovered after an average of 11 days, while those who took the fake drug as a control took an average of 15 days.

Earlier, Remedyvir pharmaceutical company ‘Gilead Science’ also stated that it “satisfied the primary variable evaluation.”

The Associated Press reported that “Remdesivir became the first treatment to pass US government-led clinical trials.”

<Donald Trump / President of the United States> “I think there is a good thing about hitting a barrier. It’s definitely very positive.”

In this study, however, it has not been confirmed whether Remdesivir can lower Corona19 mortality.

It is also pointed out that there is no control group who has not taken remedyvir, so it is impossible to determine how many patients recovered on their own.

<Anthony Pouch / Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases> “(The mortality rate of the Remedyvir taking group) is 8%, and the taking of fake drugs is 11%. We haven’t reached a statistically significant result yet. I do. ”

The clinical trial has been conducted on 1,000 patients from Corona 19 around the world since February 21, and there have been some media reports that the trial was not effective in China.

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